Packers following Twins example

The Twins finished the season with a thud. Now that they have fired several coaches, I suspect they will win 100 games next year — and pigs will fly!

Oddly enough, the Twins have a decent line up, but definitely need to find some adequate starting pitching if they hope to become respectable in the next couple of years.

Unfortunately, the Packers have followed the Twins pattern to the basement. The Packers are playing very inconsistent football, can’t come up with the big plays when the need them and still have a very porous defense. Apparently the Packer brass expected the terrible defense of last year to improve without any verteran help.

As of this writing, the Pack is 2-3 and could very well be 2-4 after a game at Houston. The hole is getting bigger each week and the season will soon be half over. Don’t know how the Vikings continue to win with smoke and mirrors, but I suspect that reality will set in sometime in the next few weeks.