Super Bowl is Feb. 3

Considering how poorly the Packers played in their loss to the 49ers, Packer fans  better hope San Francisco continues to win — it will make the Packers look a bit better, knowing they lost to the NFL’s best.

Not sure who will win the Super Bowl. I am leaning toward the 49ers, but Baltimore has come on strong in the playoffs. It’s no easy task to go into Foxborough and beat the Patriots. Interestingly, both road teams won the conference championship round. I suspect that does not happen too often.

The media, of course, is playing up the coach story with brothers Jim and John Harbaugh going head-to-head in the Super Bowl. I like the 49ers, but I still have reservations about a starting quarterback (Colin Kaepernick) with only 9 starts going in to a Super Bowl against a tough defense.

I’ll give the 49ers the edge, but may regret it!

49ers, 23 – Ravens, 20