Twins season ending; Packers beginning

The Twins season is soon over and appears headed the way most people predicted — somewhere close to 90 loses. The bottom line is this — the Twins either need to acquire or develop good starting pitching. The Twins have never had a habit of picking up big names in the free agent┬ámarket, so that leaves one possibility. It is critical that they develop starters. Not sure that’s in the cards to help them next season.

Menawhile, football season is ready to begin. Thank goodness the Packers have Aaron Rogers, because they have done nothing to address the two glaring weaknesses last year — the offensive line and defense. Apparently the packer theory is that the same guys who couldn’t get the job done last year will be much better this year. Meanwhile, Rogers will be running for his life — he was the most sacked QB last year. Thank goodness he’s good enough to make some plays under extreme pressure!